MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Business Academy’s football players were ready to play their hearts out in the high school jamboree Friday night, but it did not happen.

Chaos erupted at Crump Stadium just before the 33 MBA players hit the field.

“It was devastating because we worked hard this summer to get to where we were,” player Demarion Harvey said.

Many attendees thought shots were fired, but police said a fight broke out. Coach Wilder Lee said he and other coaches directed players to get down.

“We feel like we were stripped by an opportunity to be seen by a lot of people,” players Conner Lurry said.

There was also anger but the students are now turning it into action.

“We need more help from our adults because they lead the way,” Harvey said. “We look up to them.”

Coach Lee is proving lessons go beyond the classroom. Others are also hoping anyone thinking about causing problems will stop to think it through. Meanwhile, students and staff are reflecting on the school’s motto “seasons of success” because they know seasons can change quickly, going from carefree to chaotic in a matter of moments.

“Yeah MBA pride, that’s what it is,” Lee said. “And then the most important thing is our seasons of success.”

Students said one solution to the ongoing problem is to put more programs in place for the youth.