MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The Mid-South kicked off a week of hot temps with a bang this 4th of July. With high temperatures comes a heat advisory and weather experts say it’s only supposed to get hotter as the week goes on.

We caught up with people Lafair Hale enjoying their holiday outside walking Big River Crossing today.
The key: they got out early in the day.

“The goal today was to get out here, get a walk in and enjoy it before it got too hot,” Hale said.

Dr. Mark Castellaw, Medical Director with Baptist Medical Group said they’re doing the right thing.

As the mercury rises so do heat-related dangers that, if not handled properly, could turn deadly.

Dr. Castellaw said right now we’re starting to get used to the heat but it is something to be concerned about. He said older people and those on medications need to be extra cautious.

“The heat that’s coming this week that I’m seeing on the Channel 3 forecast is a real concern, especially to elderly people and people on certain medications, especially blood pressure medications, which makes the heat pretty much intolerable,” he said.

He suggests staying inside but if you have to be outside it’s best to do it in the morning and stay hydrated.

“One of the mistakes people make about hydration is they don’t start drinking fluids until they get thirsty or start sweating. Well, the key thing is to pre-hydrate, get the fluids in you before you go outside into the heat.”

Dr. Castellaw says it’s important people think about SEC when dealing with heat-related illnesses. SEC stands for Heat stroke, exhaustion, and cramps.

Heat stroke — when your body stops sweating — can be deadly.