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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Millions of people shopped online during the holiday weekend, which means porch pirates are ready to go. We are breaking down what you need to know to keep yourself from being a victim. 

Memphis Police said a man pulled his truck in front of a home on Shady Grove Road over Thanksgiving weekend and stole packages, then drove away. His picture was taken with a Ring device at the home.

The homeowner told us that many of the items stolen were presents for her kids.

Sadly, law enforcement says to expect many more incidents like this over the next few weeks. Durand Martin, a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the Memphis Police Department, said package thefts increase during the holiday season.

“Thieves know that there are going to be excessive packages and things delivered on porches and people are going to leave them unsecured,” Martin said. “Most of the time, it’s career criminals. People who are actually involved in either large rings or boosters. Just general theft. Just looking for something to steal so they can sell it quick.”

The National Retail Federation says more than 130 million consumers shopped online during the Thanksgiving weekend — which means there are millions of boxes appearing on front doorsteps any day now.

Unfortunately, some people like the family living on Shady Grove may never see them.

“Basically, it’s an opportunistic theft where they can just steal things at random,” Martin said.

Memphis Police have a few tips to help you keep your items secure.

  • Install security cameras around your home
  • Try to arrange for packages to be delivered when you will be at home
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace if you will not be home
  • Consider having packages sent to a drop-off location
  • Buy a secure drop-off box for your own property
  • Sign up for your delivery company’s package tracking service
  • Consider selecting the signature required option when waiting for delivery