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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– Another reason not to leave personal belongings inside your vehicle. Memphis police say car thieves are using their cell phone cameras to look through tinted windows.

During a crime forum in the Cooper-Young neighborhood, Crump station officers said it was a new tool being used by the bad guys looking for items to steal.

They told the group it doesn’t matter how dark the tint is on your windows; when you put a cell phone in camera mode up to the windows, you can see right through them.

We put a cell up to a back window; sure enough, you could see everything in the backseat.

(Photo: Melissa Moon, WREG)
(Photo: Melissa Moon, WREG)

Memphis police have urged vehicle owners not to leave anything valuable or in view to entice car burglars.

MPD said theft from motor vehicles is the number one non-violent crime occurring daily in Memphis.

They said thieves are going into cars looking for guns, purses, and other valuables that can be used or sold on the street for a quick profit.

Police said if you have to leave a gun in your vehicle, make sure it is a locked box or safe inside your car.

Police also said you should always lock your car, park where there is good lighting, check your car alarm if you have one, and consider installing cameras around your home to catch potential thieves.