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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The South may be known for its genteel hospitality, but don’t go looking for it in Memphis, according to results of one recent survey.

Memphis ranked No. 2 in a survey of the rudest cities in America — behind only Philadelphia, and slightly more rude than New York City.

The survey was conducted by online tutoring platform Preply, which contacted 1,500 residents in the 30 largest metro areas of the U.S. and asked them about rudeness in their city.

Memphis fared the worst among cities in five categories of rudeness, according to the survey:

  • Not letting people into traffic
  • Being noisy in public
  • Watching videos in public
  • Not respecting personal space
  • Being rude to service staff

That gave Memphis a “rudeness score” of 6.05, compared to the nationwide average of 5.1.

Our neighbors in Nashville, by comparison, ranked as the 4th most polite with a rudeness score of just 4.33. Austin, Texas was ranked the friendliest city.