MEMPHIS, Tenn.– As the summer approaches, we’re working to find out what resources are out there to keep children busy. People we talked to say it’s all about keeping kids engaged in unique ways, especially with the rise of social media.

All too often we tell you about a teenage victim of a crime or a teenager arrested for a crime. 

Tuesday, a 14-year-old was accused of repeatedly stabbing two young boys in Southwest Memphis. The teen faces charges while at least one of the children is hospitalized. 

This teen’s arrest comes after we told you about four other teenagers that were arrested and charged after police say they found them in a stolen truck with a stolen gun and marijuana.

Founder and CEO of Heal the Hood Foundation Ladell Beamon is working to give kids a positive outlet through creative arts. His group will be hosting an arts enrichment camp this summer that focuses on the arts like singing, dancing, acting, and motivational speaking.

“Kids are getting bored now especially when you can go to social media all the time making Tik Tok videos,” Beamon said.

Beamon said they’re partnering with Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

“We’re real excited because this summer we get an opportunity to be in five locations at one time,” Beamon said. “We’re going to really start putting dance programs inside of schools that train kids for the 2024 Olympics and so that’s something that’s going to really be special because street dance is going to be part of the 2024 Olympics.”

Overall, Beamon is asking parents to be engaged with their children this summer, know where they are, and work to get them involved with programs in their neighborhood. 

“Parents make sure that your kids have a safe place to go for the summer, keep your eyes on your kids,” he said.

It could make a major difference.

This camp and other Memphis summer camps are still open for sign-ups. Click here to sign-up now.