MEMPHIS, Tenn.– River Inn of Harbor Town is elaborating on their involvement in a two-day sex trafficking sting operation led by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Memphis Police Department at the hotel.

According to a statement by River Inn shared with WREG and the Nextdoor app, they were contacted by law enforcement and allowed officers to survey the property and rent rooms. They said the operation was “largely digital and discrete” with quick arrests.

Nine men and one woman were arrested during the sting. Nearly all of the men are accused of agreeing to meet undercover agents posing as 16-year-old girls for sex.

TOP: (L-R) Nathan Durham, Doubse Edwards, Patrick Watt, Lironda Knighten, Anthony Wolfe
BOTTOM: (L-R) Chelsea Bandy, Mark Pitts, Cortez Holloway, Thomas Joseph, Steven Scroggins

The hotel said they were proud to assist because the sting also helped victims get necessary services and agencies like RestoreCorps.

Rachel Haaga is the Executive Director of the program. She said her team was able to work around the clock and offer resources to several potential victims.

“RestoreCorps exist to eradicate human trafficking by empowering survivors, equipping communities and seeking justice through systemic change,” she said. “I think it’s really important when we’re talk about any kind of injustice that we don’t put it in a box and say that kind of injustice only happens in one neighborhood.”

As a result of the operation, weapons, drugs, vehicles, and cash were all seized.