HORN LAKE, Miss. — Some Horn Lake homeowners have had enough with what they considered parking problems in their communities.  The streets are narrow in some areas, turning the residential roads into an obstacle course.     

As WREG learned, city leaders are moving full speed ahead with a resolution that could impact where you park.

Ordinance 99-04-88 may not be familiar to some, but it certainly elicits a feeling of elation for many Horn Lake homeowners. Mrs. Melanie Robinson Brown has lived in the Nicole Place Subdivision since 2016.

She describes the area as peaceful, but the one agitating factor is parking.

“Actually I’m excited right now,” Melanie told us. “Normally when you first get in you have to stop and move to the side, and wait until somebody else comes around.”

Having to maneuver around this obstacles drove this community and those at the Arbor Lakes Subdivision to demand action.

“I know people had been complaining,” Melanie said.

Those complaints made their way to city leaders – with the board of aldermen passing an ordinance prohibiting street parking.  Signs are posted stating by mid June street parking will not be allowed.

Those like Mrs Robinson Brown say this goes beyond it being an eyesore to see cars dotting the streets. Instead it’s a concern emergency crews may not be able to make their way in, when or if they are needed.

“If someone’s house is on fire, and then they can’t get through – it doesn’t take but a second,” Melanie said.

We measured, and we found the street is roughly 12 paces.

On average a car or truck is 5 to 6 paces, meaning there is just enough space for 2 passing vehicles. However, when you factor in a parked car, this residential road becomes an obstacle course.

“They have already started to make progress and I’m happy about it,” Melanie said.

A satisfactory solution, to one-time parking problems. 

Starting June 15th, if someone is found in violation by police inside the Nicole Place or Arbor Lakes Subdivisions, then they could receive a court summons or their vehicle could be towed.