MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A Memphis woman is dealing with serious damage after the garage at her East Memphis home went up in flames Wednesday night.

Carroll Clark believes the blaze was started by a paper lantern, the kind that float in the air. They’re often used during parties or memorials. 

“It’s frustrating,” she said.

Clark wasn’t home at the time but her neighbor said she saw the lantern hit a tree in Clark’s backyard. It started a small fire that appeared to go out but, minutes later, Clark’s other neighbor saw flames coming from the garage under the tree.

“So, he grabbed the hose and started putting it out while he called the fire department,” Clark said. “And so, two trucks came and, luckily, they were able to get it out.”

Officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation but Clark claims she found that lantern the next day. She says she has no idea who lit it.

“I’m sure it was oh, we’re going to make a wish and set this beautiful lantern,” Clark said. “I’m sure it wasn’t malice or intended to hurt anybody but we have large trees in our neighborhood and it ran into a tree and now, I’m the one that’s going to have to lose out time and money to have to stop and get it repaired.”

Thankfully, the blaze didn’t spread to Clark’s home or hurt her dog and cat.

“That’s the most important thing that I wasn’t there and I’m safe and they’re safe and stuff can be replaced,” Clark said.

Sadly, there was also some damage to Clark’s neighbor’s house.

When it comes to lanterns like that, experts say you should do your best to keep them away from anything that can catch fire, especially on a windy day.