MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Ford’s Blue Oval City learning training program is underway and plans to fill 6,000 jobs on the site in West Tennessee.

Blue Oval City is expected to finish building the site in 2025, which will be used to produce the electric Ford Lightning truck and EV batteries.

The Ford Motor Company is investing $5.6 billion to make electric trucks.

Liliana Ramirez, Global Director of Workforce Development for Ford says Blue Oval learning is a workforce development strategy that will offer generational jobs.

“We are partnering with the educational system to strengthen programs and build new programs in K-12 technical schools, colleges, and universities. We’re building the pipeline to provide opportunities for everybody within Tennessee to be able to get a job, a role within Blue Oval City,” Ramirez said.

This training development program by Ford will provide mechatronics and manufacturing training, expand certifications and dual enrollment, expand STEM-related curricula, and develop work-based learning.

Ramirez says countless suppliers, which will also be on the campus site, will supply “thousands and thousands” more job opportunities.  

According to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Blue Oval City will be the largest, most advanced, and most efficient automotive production site in Ford Motor Company’s history.

It will also house a Ford assembly plant, a battery manufacturing and recycling plant, and a supplier park in partnership with SK Innovation.

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