MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After the tragic death of a one-year-old boy left inside a vehicle for several hours, a local hospital is working to raise awareness.

WREG spoke to health experts, and they have a few things you need to know before shutting the car door.

Investigators said it was at Education is Key Children’s Center where a child died after being left in the car for over 6 hours. 

Now, health officials at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital are using this incident to remind everyone about the dangers of children being left inside a hot vehicle.

Jennifer Taylor is Le Bonheur’s manager for injury prevention and safe kids.

“Our goal is to raise awareness to the community, that is our number one goal and to let them know about the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car.”

Taylor told WREG the one-year-boy is the first child to die under these circumstances at their hospital this year.  With the official start of summer, a month away this is an issue she worries about.

“The real danger is the risk of heat stroke for children,” Taylor said. “The body temperature of a child can go up as higher than an actual adult, three to five times higher and so with that, that is very scary.”

Taylor recommends drivers place an important item in their backseat to help as a reminder to always check for children.

“You definitely have to leave something in the car as a reminder so even as like a cellphone or a laptop to even put in the backseat to make you wanna check the back seat, so we definitely want people to actually look,” Taylor said.

As always, if you see a child left in a car by themselves contact law enforcement.

As far as the investigation goes, no charges have been filed in this case. MPD told us they released the two people that were detained at the scene.