MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The mayor of Shelby County is threatening to investigate County Clerk Wanda Halbert for dereliction of duty if she does not meet a Friday deadline to move an East Memphis office location.

Wanda Halbert’s office issued the following statement on Friday:

The issue concerns the clerk’s satellite office in the Poplar Plaza shopping center.

In a letter sent by Mayor Lee Harris to Halbert on Wednesday, Harris says the lease for the office space at 3412 Poplar Avenue will end on June 30, and the office will have to close if another space in the shopping center isn’t secured soon.

“I am writing to you to ask that you select one of the alternative locations as soon as possible, as this is an important location that delivers vital services to the community and there is no reason for this location to close,” Harris wrote.

It’s not clear from the letter why the lease is not being extended for Halbert’s office in its current location, but Halbert has complained about condition and community access to some satellite office facilities in the past. Last year, a Whitehaven branch closed briefly due to a lack of air conditioning.

The mayor said the leasing company has made an effort to find another space in Poplar Plaza, but time was running out, because the new office would need to be built out before the old location closes June 30.

Harris said the County Commission and District Attorney’s Office have the ability under state law to act when a county clerk is “derelict in his or her duty.”

“Thus if you do not select an alternative location by COB on Friday, March 24, I will be forced to call a special meeting of the County Commission and the District Attorney to discuss these state law provisions,” Harris wrote.

Harris’ office said the mayor had no further comment beyond what was in the letter. Halbert couldn’t be reached for comment either. However, she has complained the Poplar Plaza location was not accessible to the public and called for more office locations to reduce long lines.

Halbert’s office has been plagued with long lines and extended mailing times as it faced a backlog of license plate renewals. Mayor Harris has complained repeatedly about Halbert for not filling open positions in her offices, temporary office closures and falling far behind on opening the clerk’s new branch office on Riverdale Road.

Tennessee state law permits the district attorney or the county attorney’s office to call for an investigation for dereliction of duty that could lead to an ouster depending on the results and conclusions.