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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Controversy is brewing across the city of Bartlett after a Halloween display depicts a skeleton hanging from a tree. It’s a sight that has the town divided.

On a holiday known for its jarring imagery, it’s this sight of a skeleton that stopped a woman in her tracks.

“I have never seen a display, in person, like this,” a woman told us.  

Outside a home in Bartlett, a skeleton has been hoisted several feet In the air, using a rope, tied around its neck, and attached to a tree. An image that one woman, who  does not want to identified, says reminds her of slavery.

“It’s 2022, feel how you feel, do what you want to do. But, you don’t have to display your beliefs or anything to the community, especially, when you know the history of the lynchings in the south,” the woman told us.

WREG reached out to homeowner, they told us quote, “It’s just a Halloween decoration that we thought would be spooky. There is no ill intent behind it.”

Regardless of the intention, not everyone sees it the same way. As a result of speaking out on social media, the woman said she has received threats from those who support the display.

“I’ve been told to STFU because they pay my bills anyway,” the woman told us. “I was told that if they had it their way that they would still hang people for sagging their pants.”

With Halloween a few days away, it’s fair this is one sight that will be discussed for the days to come. As of Saturday night, the skeleton remains. It also appears the homeowner did not break any laws by erecting the display.