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CORDOVA, Tenn. — A Cordova homeowner says her Halloween decorations were sliced and diced just two weeks shy of the holiday.

Jennifer Farrell told WREG that the spooky spectacular of inflatables set up outside her home on Timber Creek Drive were stabbed early Monday morning.

“There is no way this is just an act of nature. It is clear somebody got something sharp and sliced them because the slices are clean they are no rips,” said Jennifer Farrell.

Each year, Farrell says she looks forward to getting her home Halloween-ready with ghosts, spiders, and witches for her children and trick-or-treaters.

“My kids love it,” said Farrell. “It’s a good way to meet everybody in my community and all the kids love it.”

Monday, Farrell says she tried to turn on the display and noticed her decorations weren’t inflating.

“I feel violated because they had to come onto my property to do this. Also, they had a sharp knife or something so what would have happened if they wouldn’t have stopped there and thought hey, I’m going to break into their house,” said Farrell.

She called MPD to help solve the mystery.

A little before 3 a.m., a camera shows an inflatable 12-foot-long ghost waving in the air with headlights shining on the home. Less than 20 minutes later it’s no longer floating.

“It’s just mean and hateful,” Farrell added. “I just assumed it was a bunch of teenagers who were out not doing what they were supposed to be doing.”

Farrell said more than anything she wants the culprits to know while harmless the crime is costly.

“It’s not cheap. I’ve had to spend years hitting clearance sales to get this stuff at a reasonable price, to replace all this it would cost me close to a thousand dollars,” said Farrell.

“I’d like them to apologize. I’d like them to pay for the damages,” she added. “I’d like for them to come take down all of my Halloween decorations after Halloween.”

Farrell says she does plan to tape up what she can and has backup decorations to still make Halloween special. She also plans to purchase surveillance cameras in case it happens again.