MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Attendees at a rally in Downtown Memphis Saturday rose to their feet to take a stand against gun violence and demanded what they call ‘common sense gun control.’

Kimberly Owens-Pearson, an educator for 22 years, is issuing an assignment for those elected into office.

“Who needs an AK? Who needs an AR? You are intentionally trying to kill hundreds immediately,” said Owens-Pearson. “Stop being so thin-skinned. Stop worrying about your position and stand for something. This is about gun violence, that means people who are being gunned down.”

Even after crimes become part of the past, families still live with them well into the future. This is the case for Lovanda Henderson, a Memphis mother.

“We’ve got to fight, we’ve got to vote, we’ve got to push,” said Henderson.

Henderson shared her story a few feet from police headquarters where she learned on Jan. 10 that her son Larry Thorn was shot to death. 

“Ya’ll we have got to make a change with these guns. we have got to. It starts with us. It starts with you, you, you and you,” said Henderson.

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Tennessee Representative, Justin J. Pearson became emotional at the rally saying he felt some lawmakers were putting profit over people.

“This isn’t right. It isn’t right. We have people who don’t want to do nothing. I’m so tired,” said Pearson.

Organizers are calling the rally a call for action, saying now is the time, before the special session gavels Monday. The special session is expected to focus on public safety as well as mental health.  

Those in attendance at the rally are hoping gun reform is also a topic of conversation.