MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say they’re looking for a man and possibly several others responsible for a dangerous South Memphis shooting caught on camera.

The video released by Memphis Police shows the black Ford Fusion coming to a stop at the corner of St. Paul Avenue near Lauderdale on Sept. 9. Three people get out and walk around, and a person in a white shirt fires and runs off.

Police say they hit a home where four people were sitting on the front porch around 7 p.m.

Khandra Woodard was not home at the time, but when she got back she found a bullet hole on her porch.

“I was shocked because it was so close. It was right here where I stay at,” she said.

But Woodard has moved on. She says with three teenagers at home, she doesn’t have time to worry.

“I just try to stay out the way and talk to my children. If anything’s going on with anyone, with my children, I try to resolve it and go on ’cause I can’t control nobody else,” she said.

In fact, Woodard says she’d rather focus on the positive. She moved to this area from Arkansas and is tired of the onslaught of negative news.

“I love Memphis. I have always loved Memphis. I used to come to Memphis all the time when I was younger,” she said. “I’m just used to it.”

Police say if you can help identify any of the suspects you could earn a $2,000 reward. Just call Crime Stoppers. Call 901-528-CASH.