As part of our ‘Gun Safe Memphis’ initiative, we are focused on keeping our kids safe.

In fact, it has become one Memphis man’s life mission as he became dedicated to creating a safe environment for our children by finding ways for kids of all ages to learn about gun safety.

This retired police officer says it’s never too early to teach gun safety.

Meet Richard B. Robinson, a man who tells us he served with the Memphis Police Department for a quarter of a century.

Now he is serving his community in a new way, not only as the man behind the mask but the creator of a coloring book, a catchy rap, and the producer of videos all designed to create an open dialogue.

“How often is it, that we have conversations about guns in the home? Most times, you only do when there is an incident. So the thing is we wanted to create these books in both English and Spanish,” Robison said.

Regardless of the language – the idea is the same. 

“If you love your child, you’ll take the steps to be safe. You’ll take the steps to make sure your weapon is secure, that is in the right place and unload it if it’s necessary,”

That is where Tyrone the Tiger and Ebony the Elephant come into play.

The woman inside the pink costume, finds herself tickled pink with kiddos closely watching her purposeful performance.

“I’m extremely humbled to be able to play this part. I just want our babies to be safe,” Annette tickles said.

Much too often children in our community, are victimized by guns.

In just the first half of the year, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital has treated 78 children injured by gunfire.

That breaks down to nearly 1 child shot every two and half days.

“In the old days, daddy used to say to the kids ‘This is my gun, don’t touch it,’ and they didn’t, but nowadays parents won’t even tell their kids there’s a gun in the house,” Robinson said.

That in turn can lead to curiosity, if the child finds an unsecured gun.with the curiosity turning into trouble.

“Most kids will follow what you say if you tell them,” Robinson added.

In this case, Tyrone and Ebony are reminding them a real gun is never a toy and they’re doing so by meeting the children on their level.

There is hope that the coloring books will bring color to what some consider to be a dark topic – the dangers of firearms in the hands of children.

The coloring books are bringing joy as well as laughter, but most importantly they can be life-saving.

Mr. Robinson is taking his message to the masses. It’s his life’s mission, he says – which requires the shedding of layers in some cases – as he is looking out for the safety of our children.For more information on how you can order one of the coloring books – in English or Spanish – or to get additional details on Tyrone and Ebony, visit here.