MEMPHIS, Tenn — A man and woman have been charged Tuesday for carjackings that took place the same day.

Memphis police have named Allencia Dansberry and Devin Dean as the two responsible for carjackings. Police arrested them both at a south Memphis hotel.

“What I am is appalled and frightened because it’s touching every segment of Shelby County,” Pubic Safety Trainer Bennie Cobb said.

Experts say the numbers are up in the city for car thefts.

This case comes a week after the carjacking and killing of beloved pastor Autura Eason-Williams who was targeted in her neighborhood as well.

“Most people, including myself would say arm yourself, get some training, learn self-defense. That’s good but if you’re not being aware of your situation or your surroundings that’s not going to do you any good,” Cobb said.

WREG crunched the numbers so far this year and there’s been a 45% increase in carjackings reported by the city.

Cobb believes since the pandemic more people are out and about and the crime can impact anyone.

“I personally know four people that were carjacked last week personally and then there are many more people in my circle that I’ve heard of,” Cobb said.

Cobb said you can replace vehicles and valuables but you can’t replace a life.

“Give the vehicle up, leave and don’t try to fight them,” Cobb said, “because if they have actually gotten up on you that closely even if you have a gun, you can’t use it.”