MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A child is recovering after he was shot in the back while he sat on a couch in his living room over the weekend.

Shots rang out at the Countryview Apartments off Raleigh-Millington Road around 10:45 Saturday night.

The police report said Taneisha Howard told them her 12-year-old son had been shot. Officers found him with a gunshot wound to the back.

He told police he was in the living room sitting on a couch when he heard gunshots and then he was shot. We could see what appears to be a bullet hole outside the apartment.

Police said Apartment 4 shares a wall with Apartment 6, where everything started.

According to the report, 23-year-old Darson Lawson was in Apartment 6 with a friend, when the friend’s boyfriend showed up.

Lawson said the boyfriend pointed a gun at him and began shooting. He was shot in the thigh, backside and had bullet fragments in his head. He was in critical condition.

But it was while checking the surrounding apartments that police discovered the 12-year-old next door had been shot too.

Jade Lobbins who lives just across from the apartments said there were four to five police cars in the area.

Even though the shooting started at Apartment 6 and the bullet traveled to Apartment 4, residents like Lobbins are still worried, saying it easily could have been them.

“I have a 2-year-old daughter that stays here. That bullet could have traveled anywhere. You got a playground right there. Kids come and play all the time,” Lobbins said.

The 12-year-old was taken to Lebonheur and is expected to be okay after a very close call that could have ended very differently.

Police told us they are continuing to investigate the case and did not indicate anyone had been arrested.

Lawson described the unidentified boyfriend as 6’2, heavy set, possibly with a goatee, wearing a black beanie and dark-colored pajamas.