MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group plans to hold a protest at Memphis Animal Services in regard to the kill rate and amount of time people have to adopt an animal.

MAS is in crisis mode after taking in nearly 100 chickens being raised for cockfighting. Now, people are upset that animals will be euthanized due to the shelter being overwhelmed and over capacity.

Statistics for the Memphis Animal Services show that the saving rate for the shelter has stayed above 80 percent for this entire year– starting in January at 81.10% to April at almost 83.5%.

Just last month, nearly 200 cats and 500 dogs were taken in by the shelter. Of those almost 700 animals, 93 were put down; 154 were transferred to a rescue or shelter.

Just last year, Memphis Animal Services took in more than 9,000 animals– that’s almost 25 animals per day for each day of the year. Almost 86 percent of those animals were saved over the last year.

With MAS being in emergency mode right now, you can help out. They are always looking for volunteers, fosters or someone to adopt a pet. They’re open from noon until four each day.

As for today’s protest, it is planned to start at noon.