MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two cousins are being accused of stealing 10 pairs of Nike shoes at Piecez of Couture Fashion and shooting at the owner Saturday morning.

Carleton Douglas owns R & A Liquors with his family. He was working when police say 21-year-old Jernell Bonds and his cousin robbed Douglas’ aunt and uncle’s boutique.

The victim, Douglas’ uncle, told police the cousins came into the store as he was opening for the day.
One of the men was armed with a handgun that had an extended clip.

The victim told officers he was unlocking the business’ door in the 5300 block of South Third Street when a silver Nissan Altima with a taped rear passenger side window pulled up. He said one of the two men asked him what did they sell in the store, and the victim told them to come inside and look around.

Officers said one of the men then pulled out a handgun and told the victim, “Give me everything.” The other suspect began grabbing around 10 pairs of Nike shoes and placing them in the vehicle, according to court documents.

Police said Douglas’ uncle then ran outside when the suspects began shooting at him as they fled the scene. Officers also said the owner of the business next door was outside when the gunshots rang out and took cover.

One bullet struck the business within five feet of where the second victim took cover, according to police.

Less than 10 minutes later, MPD responded to a shooting call on Clinton Road where a man identified as Travarus Bonds was struck in the leg however police don’t know who fired the shots and why.

Officers said Bonds was one of the two men occupying a silver Nissan Altima with a taped rear passenger side window.

“I just came out and next thing I know bullets was flying by my head,” said Douglas “I was really mad because we don’t mess with nobody. Everybody know they can come up here and give y’all whatever.”

While officers were trying to give aid to Bonds, the other man got back inside the Nissan Altima and fled. Court documents said the man later returned to the shooting scene on foot and was identified as Jernell Bonds.

Douglas said the owners later realized they met the suspects the day before while promoting their business in Whitehaven.

“They gave them a business card,” he said. “I guess on the business card it say the address and stuff it say so they came right back to rob them in the morning. That’s crazy.”

Travarus Bonds was taken to the hospital for treatment, and officers found the Nissan Altima parked in an abandoned house’s driveway. They later determined that Travarus Bonds and Jernell Bonds were the same men who robbed the business.

Jernell Bonds was arrested and gave a full confession to police. He was charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and attempted first-degree murder. He is expected to appear in court on June 6.

Travarus Bonds has been charged with theft of property $1,000 or less and aggravated robbery.