MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A girl was found dead with a gunshot wound in Millington on Sunday, and police say they are investigating.

Millington Police said they responded to a shooting call around 2 p.m. Sunday in the 5000 block of Clear Creek Drive. When officers arrived they found “several individuals including a female juvenile with a fatal gunshot wound,” Chief Christopher Stokes said in a news release.

Family members have identified the victim as 15-year-old Haley Reedy.

Haley Reedy (provided photo)

Her family has started planning for her funeral. It’s something her mother Brandee Reedy said she never imagined doing.

“I don’t know what I am going to do without her,” she said.

Holding her daughter’s picture close to her heart, Brandee said her heart is where Haley will always be.

“Everybody that knew Haley said she brightened the room with her smiles,” she said.

That’s how Haley will be remembered. She was a 10th grader at Millington Central Middle High School where she did color guard.

Millington Municipal Schools Superintendent James Griffin confirmed that she attended Millington Central Middle High School.

This is an extremely upsetting situation, and our thoughts are of course with the victim’s family and friends. While the matter is under investigation by law enforcement, we want you to know that our focus at this time is to ensure that our students and staff have the support they need.

James Griffin – Superintendent of Millington Municipal Schools

Millington Police have provided few details about the shooting and have not confirmed that it is a homicide case.

In the news release, Stokes said, “Detectives with the Millington Police Department processed the crime scene and are collecting evidence and conducting interviews … “

However, her family says Haley was shot and killed.

“He was pointing the gun at her and her friends and when he pointed at her she pushed him away and when she pushed him away he got mad and dropped the gun and picked it up and came at her and shot her in the side of the head,” Brandee said.

Her family said the only thing they are looking for now is justice.

“This just cannot go unsolved. It just cannot. Our lives have been changed forever and nothing will be the same again,” said Nancy Harville, Haley’s grandma.

Police told us they are following any leads as they collect evidence.

Her family has created a GoFundMe to raise money for funeral and burial expenses. If you would like to donate, click here.