Note: This story has been updated to include a response from a school board candidate.

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Board members of the Germantown Municipal School District addressed messages reportedly containing “false narratives” and accusations against the district and its employees in an open letter to parents.

Germantown Municipal School District Board members said they “felt it necessary” to respond to what they termed “patently false” information adversely affecting teachers and staff. They did not specify who or what this was in response to.

The letter defended district policy on several points, stating:

  • “At no time did GMSD or its teachers provide students access to pornographic materials on an app” in reference to a non-GMSD app named EPIC which was reviewed and removed.
  • “GMSD is not promoting gender ideologies or concepts prohibited by state law,” and saying under state law school districts and their employees are prohibited from teaching CRT, commonly known as Critical Race Theory.
  • “GMSD does teach to required state standards” and explains how state-mandated social-emotional learning or “SEL” enhances the school environment.

The letter also stressed that the district doesn’t exclude parents from decisions about their children’s education and states it reviewed guidelines for allowing the public to address the Board during its ‘Citizens to be Heard’ portion of Board meetings.

The letter then highlighted that “groundless attacks on our educators need to stop,” citing what it called constant criticism of educators in public forums.

Comments on social media centered on the pros and cons of “SEL” and “CRT” with one person writing, “I suspect a lot of it is a lack of understanding what it really means. It has become another buzz word used to scare the electorate.”

We reached out to school board members and the district’s media contact for comment on the letter and specific examples of false narratives and accusations against employees. We have not received a response.

However, we did receive a response to our online story Wednesday night from Germantown school board candidate Carrie Schween, who claimed the school board’s response was connected to parental concerns over district curriculum.

Schween said some parents had addressed the school board recently concerning “radical gender idealogy in our schools,” among other issues.