GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Germantown residents are on high alert as the search continues for a group of males who stole a car, crashed it, and then abandoned it. 

Noah Wolf says he had serious concerns when he received updates about the crime from the Germantown School District. 

Parents were advised of police activity in the area of Riverdale and Neshoba. Buses were asked to avoid the area until it was clear. Wolf says his kids attend school nearby.

“I felt like I needed to protect myself this morning taking the children to school,” he said. “Like, the guy could be hiding in that backyard right there right this minute.”

Germantown police say three males were on the run after crashing a vehicle and then abandoning it near the intersection. No injuries were reported, but police say the car was stolen. 

A witness says she saw the crashed car and as she went to call 911, she noticed something a little off about the passengers.

“As soon as the crash happened, the guy in the passenger he like literally threw himself out of the car, and everybody threw themselves out of the car,” said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous. 

Residents say as soon as everyone got out of the car, the suspects searched the vehicle with a flashlight and then left.

At first, people say they thought the suspects were heading to school because they had on black hoodies and one was carrying a backpack.

Officers searched the area but concluded the initial search hours later. 

Police did not say how the suspects crashed but people we spoke to say cars speed through the intersection daily. 

“We did move here for the school and to be in a safe neighborhood and I feel like it’s getting worse,” Wolf said.

Germantown Police have not said whether or not they’ve made an arrest.  If you know anything that could help officers bring this case to a close, contact authorities immediately.