MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Parents are not the only ones fighting to keep three schools with the Germantown name under the Memphis-Shelby County school system.

Germantown High students and supporters continued to speak out Thursday against the so-called ‘3G’ Bill, a new state law that prohibits any district from operating within another municipality without an agreement.

The law will impact around 4,000 students at four Memphis-Shelby County schools — one in Millington and three that hold the Germantown name including Germantown Elementary, Middle and High schools.

“It’s time for us to take our place and let our voices be heard because if we just let the adults talk for us it’ll be like they want this but we want you guys to know that we want this we want the G. We want to be the family that we are today,” said Germantown High student Calvin Nicholson.

Some fear that the schools may no longer exist.

If no agreement is reached by July of 2023, MSCS will be required to transfer ownership of the ‘3G’ school buildings to the Germantown Municipal School District.