MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Employees of a lumber company in South Memphis were dodging traffic Thursday morning to rescue a dog hit by one car and run over by two others.

It happened during rush hour outside Gates Lumber Company on busy Bellevue Boulevard. Angie Young was sitting behind her desk when she heard the dog get hit.

The stray dog was hit on Bellevue Boulevard in front of Gates Lumber Company Thursday.

“I started screaming somebody has hit a dog. So Beth jumped up and ran outside and followed her,” said Young.

Beth Hall and Miranda Davis thought the dog was dead until they heard her yelp. The women worked as a team to stop traffic and get her out of the roadway.

“When I saw the dog trying to get up and cars just kept going over top of her I freaked out and waited for a break in the traffic and took off out there, and Beth was right behind me trying to stop traffic,” said Davis. “Luckily, two trucks stopped for me and let me scoop her up and bring her back inside,”

The Gates employees wrapped the dog in a blanket, got her to the vet, and agreed to foot the bill.

“The vet assessed her and said there were two broken legs no internal injuries, and that she can make a full recovery,” Young said.

The dog still needs surgery on her legs and animal rescue has has stepped in to pay for it.

Another Gates Lumber employee, Elizabeth St. John, was able to get in touch with Tails of Hope Dog Rescue. The group has already raised nearly $4,000 for the dog’s care and Davis has volunteered to foster the pup in her home.

“She slept through the night and she was wagging her tail when I went into the bathroom and saw her. She’s on the road to recovery, and once Monday comes, and she gets her surgery, I will have to take care of her and make sure she has a happy life going forward,” Davis said.

Gates Lumber employees said the President of their company said Davis can bring the dog to work if she needs to during its recovery.

The rescued dog has been named Freya, which means goddess of love and war. Young said what her co-workers did was heroic, changing the dog’s life and their lives forever.

“It was a very tough morning and a glorious afternoon,” said Young.

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