MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Police are looking for a man who backed into a gas pump and trashed a gas station in Whitehaven after an argument with the store clerk. A separate store clerk claims the man was angry when he asked to use the phone but was told the store doesn’t have one.

Memphis Police said the man drove up to the parking lot of the Food Mart on Winchester Road in a 4-door sedan on April 24. As he was leaving, he reversed into a gas pump and damaged his vehicle, according to police.

Police said the man returned later to confront the clerk inside the store.

Surveillance video shows the man became upset with the clerk before kicking the door of the business, throwing the lottery stand on the ground, and breaking a glass display case.

He attempted to break another glass display case, but he was unsuccessful.

Customers like Corey Smith were shocked to hear the alarming the chain of events.

“I hope he just get his act together. Whatever’s going on with him that’s too spontaneous and crazy,” Smith said. “You get mad about something not going your way. Say he got mad and backed like that out of control and ran into somebody out here in the parking lot about to go into the store, one of the kids somebody sending they kid into the store, you see what I’m saying? It’s just unnecessary man.”

Police said the man drove off in the same 4-door sedan with heavy rear and driver-side damage. Investigators haven’t said if he was impaired.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.