MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Family, friends, and fellow church members gathered Wednesday for the funeral of Pastor Autura Eason-Williams who was killed in a carjacking at her home last month.

In a funeral service streamed online, the face of Pastor Autura Eason-Williams filled the church. More than 250 people took part in Wednesday’s services virtually through Zoom.

From a call to ministry in 1977 to her rise to a District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church, Pastor Eason-Williams was remembered by those she touched.

“Inspiring others with what she did all the time, helping and loving and challenging and changing,” said her colleague Jonathan Lewis.

Eason-Williams’ family shared precious memories.

“You were the perfect wife for me,” said her husband Darrell Eason-Williams. “We never got tired of each other. Baby, you were my home. You were my comfort. You were my peace.”

“Thank you for your love, your hugs, and your laugh. Thank you for always trying to give us the best life that you could. You did an amazing job,” said one of her children.

But in the midst of such a sudden loss, even those of faith struggled to find words and meaning.

Mourners say the death of Pastor Eason-Williams leaves a void and shows what our community faces.