MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We’re learning more about the MLGW employee who tragically died on December 9.

MLGW officials identified him as Michael Stewart, a longtime employee with the company. He was on assignment in southeast Memphis. Stewart spent more than 20 years working with MLGW. Friends and family say his legacy far exceeds his resume.

The news of Stewart’s death has sent shockwaves across the community as many are left holding onto the legacy he left behind.

“I’m so glad I have those videos and those pictures,” Kristin Frazier, a friend said. “We just kept in touch and I just thought the world of him.”

It was a friendship that’s rooted in survival after Frazier’s East Memphis neighborhood lost power last winter and Stewart showed up on the behalf of Memphis Light Gas and Water to address the issue.

“He was so skilled at his job, he was brilliant. I watched him do his thing and was blown away with how smart he was,” Frazier said.

Stewart had been MLGW since 2001. His tenure came to a tragic end last week when the company says he was electrocuted. Stewart became the 38th employee to die in the line of duty since 1941.

Those that knew him remembered him as a dedicated husband, father, and employee. The veteran troubleshooter ended up becoming a fixture in the neighborhood and was embraced, so much so, they created shirts that say, ‘Be like Mike.’

“We want everybody to wear be like Mike shirt that’s for sure. We do need to be more like Mike, he was such a warm smile, such a great guy,” Frazier said. “I’m just sad for our city that we lost such a great man. It doesn’t even feel real, honestly. It’s so sad cause now he’s gone.”

Gone, but never forgotten. The memories and legacy are now what he leaves behind.

In a statement released by MLGW, they offered condolences to everyone affected and said the incident remains under investigation.