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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG is learning more about Olivia King, the woman killed during the Collierville Kroger shooting.

King, a mother of three, was killed when a gunman opened fire on 15 customers and employees at Kroger.  Prior to the shooting, King attended mass at Catholic Church of the Incarnation.

“We’re stunned, I think we’re probably still in shock,” said church leader Jenny Fehrenbacher. “She was just such a faithful member of our parish and came in with her walker every morning and had her special seat that she sat in and nobody else sat in.”

Friday morning, King’s church held a special prayer for her family and also reserved a seat in her honor. 

“She just always had a smile on her face, you know, kind word for everybody,” Fehrenbacher said. “She just was a happy person. And she just was a joy to know.”

King’s husband died 16 year ago, and her children live out of state. Those that knew her describe her as a resilient and kind-hearted woman.

Collierville Vice-Mayor Maureen Fraser, a long time friend of King, says the shooting has left a number of unanswered questions and hopes a permanent solution can come out of this tragedy.

“Stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen,” Fraser said. “It’s not supposed to happen anywhere. And talking with the family, you know, it’s, ‘What can we do about it? How can we prevent this from happening to anybody else?’ And I don’t have an answer.”

Dozens of community members came together to remember King and those affected by the shooting. It’s a gesture that Fraser believe is needed now more than ever. 

“I know we’re going to all need a lot of counseling but we all need to come together as a community Collierville as well,” Fraser said. “And they already have, just by the number of text messages, phone calls, people reaching out, they want to do something.”

Funeral arrangements are still being made.