MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis school was put on lockdown after a parent allegedly threatened to shoot a school security officer Friday afternoon.

Not long before school let out for the day, a parent and a school security guard at Freedom Preparatory Academy on Millbranch got into a disagreement.  

The report says the student’s mother got upset because she couldn’t get her child out of school and pushed her way past the guard reportedly saying “give me my (expletive) child.”

When the guard told her not to put her hands on him anymore, the police report says she walked out of the building toward her vehicle, while talking on the phone and saying “I am about to shoot this **** up. Bring me my gun.”

The principal put the school on lockdown.

Danesha Brack, 25, is charged with making a threat of mass violence on school property. She was released without bond.

A concerned family member who alerted WREG about the threat said their child was scared and some parents were kept waiting for almost an hour trying to figure out what was going on.

One family sent us the alert some parents got Friday from the school, saying the incident was safely resolved and no one was harmed.

Administrators from Freedom Prep said the lockdown was just for the last few minutes of school and was a safety precaution. They said they never saw a gun and had no indication one was found in the parent’s car.

However, they say it’s another sign of all the things educators have to deal with in the midst of trying to increase student performance.

Freedom Prep said they have social workers available for anyone who needs support. Those who contacted WREG said some students may have been traumatized and counseling should be in order. They say with what is happening around the country more needs to be done.

Memphis Police also told us they responded to the school in minutes even though family members said it took 45 minutes for them to get there.

According to the police report, the security officer declined to press charges against the parent.