MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One man has been arrested after Memphis Police say he invaded a home in Frayser, stole numerous items and fired a shot near the residence.

According to reports, officers responded to a robbery in the 2900 block of Lake Park Road on Sunday. The victim told police he was lying in bed with his girlfriend and four-month-old baby when suspects, armed with a handgun and AR-style pistol, kicked his door in.

The victim’s two sons were asleep in their bedroom. One of his daughters was sleeping in the living room, and the other daughter was asleep in her room.

The suspects went through the house, pointing guns at the victims and telling them not to move. Records show that the suspects took $2,000, Xanax pills, a wallet, a Playstation 4, a Playstation 5, an AR pistol and a pair of Jordans from the house.

MPD said when the suspects left the house they fired one shot into the air.

Once police arrived, they saw a red Nissan Rogue driving away quickly. They chased the car to the intersection of Edenburg Drive and St. Elmo Avenue, where the vehicle wrecked.

The suspects tried to flee the scene on foot. Isiah Arrington was caught and taken into custody. Police say they found the stolen items inside the Nissan.

Arrington tried to plead his case in court saying, “I was admitted sir, I was hit, I was shot up with fentanyl, this is the second time this happened to me. I was shot up with fentanyl and forced to go with those guys.”

After seemingly admitting to taking part in the crime, the judge advised Arrington to remain silent.

Isaiah Arrington is charged with two counts of Aggravated Robbery, seven counts of Aggravated Assault, being a Convicted Felon in Possession of a Handgun and Possession of a Firearm/Dangerous Felony.

Arrington’s bond has been set at $150,000 and his next court appearance is set for Tuesday, April 11.