MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fox Meadows apartment complex tenants are no longer facing to live without utilities after a spokesperson for Multi-South Management Services’ CEO said their bills have now been paid.

WREG reported on August 6 that hundreds of tenants at the apartment complex were about to have their utilities shut off after MLGW served them with a notice. The notice also stated that the utilities were to be shut off on August 12.

WREG spoke with the MLGW who said the tenants were facing a master water meter disconnection.

Tenants also told WREG that they are living with mold, rodents, and plumbing issues in their apartments.

WREG spoke with tenants like Geraldine Beasley over the weekend who told us they had paid their bills and were left scrambling for answers. 

“So you sat up there and you took all our money so if we wanted to move we cannot. We have no place to go. Where we’re at is what we can afford,” Beasley said.

The spokesperson for Multi-South Management Services did not say why the tenants’ utilities were facing a utility shut-off.

We tried to speak with someone with the complex again Monday but the door to the leasing office was locked.

Pastor Walter Womack, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, was also at the complex working to get answers.

“Talked with some of the tenants, they have a lot of issues going on over here at this property and we’re just here, SCLC to make sure their civil rights are not violated,” Womack said.

We also tried calling the company that oversees the complex but when we couldn’t get through to anyone on the phone, we went directly to the company’s east Memphis offices. It was there a woman relayed the message from the CEO the bills had been paid.

When we asked how we got to this point, she said she couldn’t answer that. 

A city of Memphis spokesperson told us code enforcement has 15 active service requests. Code enforcement says seven units are not up to code and seven summons will be issued to environmental court.