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UPDATE: The bills have now been paid, according to a spokesperson for Multi-South Management Services’ CEO.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A termination of utilities services notice has left hundreds of tenants at a Fox Meadows apartment complex scrambling, as they prepare for their utilities to be cut off.

In less than a week, tenants living at Highland Hills apartments will have their utilities cut off, after Memphis Light Gas and Water served them with a notice.

“This is just wrong,” said tenant Geraldine Beasley. “They are wrong.”

Tenants say they found out this Saturday and have no idea why this happening, leading to anger and confusion.

“I feel mad as hell,” Kawani Smith said. “I’m pissed off.”

The uncertainty about their future has left parents like Stephanie Murray emotional.

“It’s crazy because they didn’t notify anyone of the situation at all, nobody,” Murray said. “Within one week, what can I do? Within one week, when school start and I’m having to all this and a lot people just paid rent, what am I supposed to do?”

In the notice sent to tenants, MLGW did not provide any specifics about the decision, but did say they are disconnecting the master meter next Friday, which will likely lead to the shut off of electric services and water.

The utility company told them to contact their landlord for further question. For these tenants, that’s not good enough.

“You’re a multi-million-dollar company. You’re that greedy that you would see hundreds of people put out on the street? For what, a dollar?” Beasley said.

Online records show that the apartment complex is managed by Multi-South Management Services. WREG made multiple attempts to reach them but never heard back, which residents say is common. 

“When we contact them, they never answered the phone, then we have to leave messages,” said a tenant named Tadarious.

Not only are tenants dealing with the prospect of their utilities being shut off but also deplorable living conditions. At Smith’s home there is mold, rodents, plumbing issues and host of other problems.

“Y’all can get us out these homes and place us in something better, cause you wouldn’t want to live in something like this,” Smith said.

“How would you feel if this was you in this situation?” Murray said.

For many, this place called home is all they have, and soon could have it taken away.

“We need help in Highland Hills Apartments,” Smith said.

WREG reached out to MLGW, and they claim they don’t have any information.