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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents at South Bluff Apartments near Riverside Drive woke Monday morning to find windows smashed on nearly a dozen vehicles.

But one of the victim’s took action and used technology to help police make the arrests.

The man didn’t want to be identified, but said a neighbor called him to tell him the glass had been broken out of his truck. He said the thieves took $3 and an old iPhone 7.

He decided he wasn’t going to let them get away with the crime.

“I’m like, ‘I could track it,'” he said. “And I went in and I tracked my iPhone and it took me directly to them.”

He used an app on his newer model cell phone to locate the “old” stolen phone. That technology led him to this apartment complex on Breedlove north of Chelsea.

He immediately called Memphis Police who, as it turned out, were already in the area.

“From what I’m understanding they was having somebody dropping off stolen cars in the same apartment complex,” he said.

The cell phone tracking led officers to an apartment where two adults and two juveniles were located and arrested.

Police identified the adults as 18-year-old Tamia Holmes and 18-year-old Lynn Ayers. Ayers is also charged with unlawfully possessing two weapons.

A woman who answered the door Tuesday had very little to say about why police had been there.

In addition to the iPhone 7, a number of stolen items believed taken from South Bluffs were recovered inside a stolen Jeep Cherokee on the complex parking lot.

According to Police all four suspects were still wearing the same clothes they had on when security camera video recorded them walking through South Bluffs parking lot.