MEMPHIS, Tenn. — All four of the men who escaped from a jail in DeSoto County Thursday were captured Saturday.

According to the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department, Cesar Martinez, Juan Monsivais, Jose Vasquez, and Cesar Gonazalez walked away from the DeSoto County Detention Facility Thursday.

Saturday, the sheriff’s department announced all four men had been apprehended. Martinez and Monsivais were arrested by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Fugitive Team. Vasquez and Gonzalez were arrested by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Apprehension Team.

The sheriff’s department says all four were incarcerated on drug charges.

“There was a breach in our security, and we are investigating exactly what happened while we are exhausting all possible investigative leads to locate the inmates,” DeSoto County Chief Deputy Justin Smith said in a statement. “We have a legion of detectives and fugitive personnel working on this.”

Jeff Byrd lives in a neighborhood next to the jail. He says he hopes jail officials fix whatever security flaw allowed the inmates to escape.

“Obviously, I would think that would be the first thing,” he said. “I don’t want this to be a daily occurance.”