MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have arrested multiple suspects in a Midtown shooting that left a man dead inside his own apartment.

Memphis police charged four people with first-degree murder in connection to a deadly shooting on North Claybrook. Police say all four suspects were found not far from where the crime happened.

Kierra Carr, Trevion Clark, Jamie Rogers, and Daterrius Banks are all charged with the murder of Jeremy Smith.

Police were called out to the apartment on Claybrook just before 9:30 Sunday night.

North Claybrook June 5, 2022

When they got to the scene, they found Smith in his apartment with a gunshot wound.

He died at the hospital.

Investigators found Carr, trying to drive through the iron gate of the apartment complex and took her into custody.

Officers were told by other people living at the complex, they saw four men run through the complex and jump a fence.

Police found Clark, Rogers, and Banks and took them into custody, but could not find the fourth man.

Detectives searched the backyard and found several guns and marijuana.

Carr told investigators she was in the car when she heard the men talking about robbing Smith of money and weed. She said Clark and Banks went into the apartment and she heard what could have been a gunshot.

She says Banks brought weed from the apartment and put it in the car and all four men took off when they heard police sirens.

Police found one of Banks’ shoes at the scene of the crime, linking him to the attack.

All four will have their first court appearance today.