MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Two men and two teens are facing serious charges after allegedly committing a number of crimes including stealing a car from the Memphis International Airport.

Investigators haven’t said if the vehicle was taken from the parking garage or cell phone lot where people wait to pick up passengers.

Either way, rideshare driver Jimmie Cox Jr. said he’s seen two of the suspects driving through the cell phone lot before.

“They were just circling around, look like something to steal,” Cox. Jr. said. “Up to no good.”

Police said the vehicle theft is one of several crimes 20-year-old Antavious Whitelo, 18-year-old Jamal Lee, 25-year-old Gary Nelson and 18-year-old Pacarie Roberts committed across Shelby County in recent days.

Other incidents they were allegedly connected to include at least two car break-ins where guns were stolen.

Investigators said the suspects were finally caught Tuesday when officers spotted the stolen car near Park and I-240. They said the suspects tried to speed away but crashed after hitting another vehicle.

All four suspects are charged with a number of things including theft, evading arrest, and possession of a prohibited weapon.

“It all starts at home,” Cox Jr. said. “How you raise your children that’s the way they going to come out.”

Rich Thomas hopes they can come out of this situation better than they went in.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for 30 some years and we used to work with the Shelby County Jail work release program,” Thomas said. “If they want to become something there is opportunity in Memphis to do it.”