MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Three Mitchell High School students looking to start a career in trade received scholarship money from those who know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Wednesday at the Mitchell High School senior class day, a special group of Tiger alums was back on campus handing out scholarship money.

Former Memphis Tiger basketball player Trey Draper graduated from Mitchell. He along with fellow alums, in partnership with his business Home Team Hoops along with Bae Size, presented the students with scholarship money.

“Just being an alumni of here and working here, I totally understand what these kids are going through,” Draper said.

Tylon Nash and Kylaa Webster were awarded $500. A third student, Katelyn Gross, received a check for $2,000.

“I feel great, I feel relieved knowing that I have money for my books and for school and it is just an awesome feeling,” Nash said.

“It means so much because I don’t want my parents to come out of pocket for things also I am independent so I prefer to do things on my own,” Gross said.

Kylaa Webster said one day she wants to own her own cosmetology business. She hopes that earning this scholarship can help her erase the troubles of the past.

“I will use this for good, I will be successful for it and I will do right by it,” Webster said. “I know I can do better and I won’t let stuff like that get to me because if I do I might find myself in a hole that I might not can get out of so I can’t let that get to me.”

These students said it is great to see Mitchell alum who walked the same hallways returning to the school to give back.

“We don’t have things like this and we wouldn’t have had something like this if they didn’t volunteer to do it,” Gross said.

“It encouraged me, and I am pretty sure it encouraged others to just help back with the community and with the school,” Nash said.

Gatorade also helped sponsor the event, providing every graduating senior with swag and snacks.