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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The former Assistant Chief of Police of Moscow, Tennessee, was arrested for stalking a woman in Memphis.

Tony Anderson, 37, was arrested September 16.

Memphis Police officers responded to a report of stalking at the Ridgeway Station precinct at around 8 p.m. September 14.

According to a report from the Memphis Police Department, a woman told officers she and Anderson had gotten into an argument, and he wouldn’t leave her alone.

The victim reportedly told officers Anderson had waited outside of her job for hours before following her home. Anderson is said to have then followed her to her sister’s house.

Court documents say when she arrived at her sister’s house, Anderson grabbed the victim and tried to get her to talk to him. He then followed her back to her home.

Police say a witness saw Anderson grab the victim.

Memphis Police say the woman drove to the Ridgeway Station precinct because she was afraid of what Anderson might do. Anderson is accused of following her to the precinct.

According to court documents, when officers at the precinct confronted Anderson, he admitted to following the woman there.

Court documents state Anderson even repeatedly told the woman, “I’m going to call you tomorrow,” to which the woman replied, “Don’t call me.”

Memphis Police say Anderson later met with investigators at the Crump Station precinct and admitted to following the woman to “numerous locations.”

Anderson reportedly followed the woman for approximately 13 miles over the course of five hours.

Court documents say he also admitted to grabbing the woman and confessed that he would contact her even after she told him she didn’t want to talk to him.

Anderson has been charged with domestic assault and harassment.

According to Moscow Vice Mayor Billy Tice, Anderson was terminated from the Moscow Police Department Thursday. Tice said conduct like Anderson’s “will not be tolerated.”

Tice said at one point, Anderson was chief of police, but Moscow’s Board of Aldermen demoted him to assistant chief after the City of Moscow received complaints about him.

Anderson was reportedly one of only two officers at the time.

Richard Allan was born and raised in the Fayette County town. He recalls meeting Anderson shortly after he was hired on and had a different opinion of the man then.

“I’ve met him and sat and talked to him and drank coffee with him, shoot the bull with him, just had a good time,” Allan said. “Thought a lot of him.”

Now, however, he’s disappointed by what Anderson is accused of.

“It makes me feel like that’s not a policeman. Period,” Allan said.

Anderson is currently out on bond. He is expected to be in court in Shelby County on October 3.