MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman wants answers after she received a more than $66,000 utility bill from Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

Donna Fields handed down many judgments as a former judge, but she doesn’t know what to make of her $66,266 utility bill.

“It says if you don’t pay by October 4, you have to pay by October 4 or your utilities will be cut off,” she said.

She has to pay the sky-high bill by Wednesday.

“It surprised me. It’s extremely frustrating. There were a few moments when I got angry when I was trying to contact them. But my first reaction truly was just to laugh because I knew it was wrong, especially when I got to the September 21 bill. It says I had $65,000 in the bank and the September 27 bill, that said I owed him $66,266,” Fields said.

Donna Fields holds her $66,000 MLGW bill.

She said she called MLGW to clear up the mistake but couldn’t get anyone on the line.

“I tried to call them today. I can’t get through the first time. It was a 38-minute wait and I got cut off, and the second time, it was all the circuits are busy so call back some other time,” Fields said.

She is not the only one having trouble. Just over the last few weeks, viewers have called WREG about over-the-top utility bills, not sure what was going on.

We took that question to Memphis Light, Gas, and Water. They wouldn’t provide an interview but sent a statement saying, “We have been having issues with our gas and water meters for several months now.  Some customers did not receive a bill for months and in some circumstances, customers have received unusually high bills. We understand customers may be alarmed when they receive a large bill, but we will work with them to correct this. We do encourage customers to contact us so we can correct the bill.”

Fields just want MLGW to get it right.

“It’s ridiculous. Of course, I expect better. We all do,” she said.

MLGW said Donna Fields’ utility bill has now been corrected.