MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Wednesday’s storms caused flash flooding across Memphis. Drivers got stuck in low lying areas like North Parkway near Crosstown.

Two drivers got stranded on I-55 near Crump. One needed help from emergency responders while the other had his truck pulled out by another vehicle.

A similar incident happened at Macon and Jackson where Nicholas Dyson’s SUV broke down while he was crossing the intersection.

“The water pushed back,” he said. “When it pushed back it kind of went over the engine and took in, stalled out.”

Thankfully, Rigo Navarro and his co-worker came to the rescue. They used a cord attached to Navarro’s Jeep to pull Dyson’s vehicle to safety.

“I even offered them $20 and they didn’t take it. They said pass it on to someone else,” Dyson said. “Kindness of strangers.”

Navarro also tried to lend a helping hand to the driver of a partially submerged sedan.

“So, we were trying to help this car out but the owner is nowhere to be found,” Navarro said.