MPD arrests five men after boxcar break-ins in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A total of five men have been charged after being accused of breaking into boxcars and stealing a huge variety of Nike Jordan sneakers.

They were all arrested on Wednesday morning in South Memphis where officers say they used spike strips to help nab the accused thieves on New Horn Lake Road and Rivergate Road.

Suspects Travis Mull, Damien Boone, and Darrius Lloyd were in the box truck that stopped before it hit the stop sticks. At that moment, they were arrested and taken into custody.

But suspects Jacquez West and Larry Lawrence were driving in a Nissan Altima when they ran over the stop strips and came to a stop on a curb.

West and Lawrence then lead officers on a foot chase before being found and taken into custody with the help of K9 and Air Support.

Investigators say it started when the suspect cut a hole in a fence leading to a rail yard where they were breaking into boxcars.

Police records show that another break-in happened at the railyard on Tuesday, which caused officers to be on high alert.

The detective says that a security guard on duty at the time noticed strange activity before seeing a boxcar filled with a variety of Jordan sneakers pried open.

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When officers showed up they reported finding two cellphones left behind by the accused thieves. They also say when they took the men into custody they found 12 Nike sweatshirts and a gun.

Earlier this month, $400,000 worth of Nike products were reported stolen in another boxcar break-in incident that took place in North Memphis.

When WREG reached out to the rail yard for comment, a spokesperson said, “CSX appreciates the collaboration of Memphis officials in addressing the theft issues in the city and the CSX railroad police are working closely with Memphis police to ensure the safe and secure movement of our customer’s goods through the city.”