MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seven workers at a Memphis Starbucks store say they have their jobs back Thursday, six months after they were fired during an effort to unionize.

“We got our jobs back,” read a post on the Memphis Seven Facebook page.

The National Labor Relations Board said Judge Lipman granted the injunction Thursday.

NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo released a statement:

“Today’s federal court decision ordering Starbucks to reinstate the seven unlawfully fired Starbucks workers in Memphis is a crucial step in ensuring that these workers, and all Starbucks workers, can freely exercise their right to join together to improve their working conditions and form a union. Starbucks, and other employers, should take note that the NLRB will continue to vigorously protect workers’ right to organize without interference from their employer.”

Workers at the Poplar Plaza location of Starbucks in East Memphis were terminated in February as they attempted to form a workers’ union, part of an effort at several stores nationwide.

The company said the workers committed security policy violations when they let a media member into the back of the store after hours.

The National Labor Relations Board announced in June that workers at the store voted 11-3 in favor of unionization.