GERMANTOWN, TENN.— Fire crews battled a large fire in Germantown Monday afternoon.

Crews were called to a two-alarm fire at condominiums on Park Trail Drive near Farmington Boulevard around 3 p.m.

Shannon Davis lives in the townhome where the fire started.

“It was like an inferno the flames were as high as the part of the roof, as high as the second story when I came downstairs and I opened the patio door, and smoke just started coming in,” Davis said.

She said her dog alerted her there was a fire in the patio area.

“He was barking. He’s about six months old. He’s a husky,” Davis said. “Having that companion probably saved my life.”

Germantown Fire Chief John Selberg told WREG that two of the units were heavily engulfed in flames.

Thankfully, everyone was able to evacuate. While no one was hurt, Davis said her car caught fire and her two cats are still unaccounted for.

Davis said she was able to get out with three dogs.

Fire crews from Collierville and Shelby County were on hand to help put out the fire and avoid heat exhaustion.

“We set up what we call a rehab area to give them drinks and everything and let them cool down and it was covered with smoke,” Chief Selberg said.

With a lethal combination of intense sun rays, plumes of smoke, and heavy gear, Selberg said it’s important to pace yourself.

“They’re firefighters and they are going to push themselves. You got to make sure they stay okay,” Selberg said. “If they are too exhausted, depending on the operation they are doing, we may have them hold out for a little while.”

Despite the huge loss, Davis said she’s thankful for their help and staying optimistic.

“It’s just perspective knowing you’re alive and that it’s just stuff,” she said.

Chief Selberg said closed doors and room dividers stopped this fire from spreading quickly.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.