MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Four children escaped an apartment fire while their mother was at work Monday morning.

The fire occurred at Flairwood Apartments, which is a mix of apartments and townhomes. According to reports, there were no injuries.

WREG spoke to the woman whose residence burned down. She says her four kids were inside when the fire broke out. The children, ages 16, 15, 12 and 6, were able to get out.

The mother said she was at work when the fire occurred. “My kids called me. They [were] in a panic, and they told me I needed to come home because the apartment was on fire. So I left work and came straight home.”

Four units were damaged, causing three families to be displaced. In all, 13 people are left without a home– nine of them being children.

According to the Memphis Fire Department, the fire started was accidental, and it started in an upstairs bedroom. A child was reportedly playing with a utility lighter.

MFD says to make sure your children don’t have access to matches or lighters and that they have an evacuation plan.

“Make sure that you have a smoke detector, and make sure that you teach your kids to have more than one exit out of the home,” said Quanesha Ward, MFD Public Information Officer. “We are fortunate enough that these kids knew and sensed that it was dangerous, and they were able to get out. That doesn’t happen all the time.”

The fire department estimated the damages at $250,000. The families affected are getting Red Cross assistance.