MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A family escaped an early morning fire in southeast Shelby County which fire officials say was one of several fires they battled in a span of eight hours.

It happened Wednesday morning at a home on Saddlehorn Cove.

Rita Bell said after waking up to a funny smell, she got a call from her neighbor saying sparks were coming from her backyard, but it was actually the house next door.

“She was seeing it from the street. So, I got up and went to my backyard, and when I saw my backyard I was like oh wow. Their house was on fire,” Bell said.

Fire crews put out blaze at southeast Shelby County home on Saddlehorn Cove

Bell ran over to wake up her neighbors.

“It was just doing what you have to do. That is all that is. If you see a fire and you know somebody is in there, you just get them out,” she said.

Fire investigators have not released the cause of the blaze but Stephen Jones, the homeowner’s uncle who lives nearby, blames fireworks.

“Once it goes up you don’t know where it’s gonna land because all of them don’t bust in the sky. They come down and still be on fire,” Jones said.

Brent Perkins with the Shelby County Fire Department said overnight, crews battled two house fires, four grass fires, and four trash fires. He said some of these fires may be the result of fireworks.

“That’s why they are illegal, and a lot of people throw caution to the wind, and we see that every year. Whether or not fireworks were the start of this one we don’t know, but we are going to find out,” Perkins said.

The Germantown Fire Department was called in to assist with this fire. The blaze was under control in about an hour.

Fire crews had to work in hot and humid conditions which made the job more difficult.

“Firefighters look at each other. They are always gauging whether or not someone they are with is having trouble or maybe not feeling well because of the elevated temperatures,” Perkins said.