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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis woman is facing three counts of attempted first-degree murder after police say she told someone to shoot a client she got into a fight with during a hair appointment.

It happened Wednesday at the Park Apartments in Hickory Hill.

“We were just sitting in the house talking like we usually do and hear a loud noise bang, bang, bang,” said Jerome Parker.

Jerome Parker lives in a building nearby and said he no idea what happened.

“But it really frightened me,” said Parker.

Police said Curleya Givand spent most of the day braiding a woman’s hair inside her apartment.

They said Givand got upset when her client left to get some food and wouldn’t let her back inside her home.

Investigators said the client broke Givand’s front window to try and get inside and collect her belongings, and that’s when the two struggled, and Givand told her younger sister’s boyfriend to go get a gun and shoot her.

Police said the sister’s boyfriend fired several shots at the woman as she was getting into a car, but hit another woman sitting in the passenger seat. A third woman in the rear of the vehicle but was not hurt.

“A lot of mishaps for no reason at all,” said Parker.

Parker said he and his fiancee had already decided to leave Memphis due to the crime, and after this shooting, he’s ready to go.

“I follow my fiancee. She doesn’t like the crime,” said Parker. “I don’t either.”

The woman who was shot in the back is expected to be okay. The woman who broke the window was treated for a cut to her hand.

Police also arrested the boyfriend, but he has not been charged so far.

Givand is locked up on a $150,000 bond.