MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing several counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault after police say he fired a rifle near an apartment building in Frayser Monday night.

Investigators said it all started with a fight between two women in the parking lot of the Pershing Park apartments and ended with one of them being shot.

Pershing Park Apartments

The victim told police a woman and two men pulled in front of her apartment building on Steele Street. She said she got into a fight with the woman and the woman pulled out a gun.

The victim said two men with the woman were also armed and began firing shots at her and her boyfriend. She said one of them had a rifle and shot her in the leg.

At least three apartments were also hit by gunfire, but no one was hurt. Police said bullets went through the front door of two of the units.

The victim identified Sean Defell, 21, as the man who shot her. So far, he is the only one facing any charges.

The victim said her three children were inside her residence when it was struck by a bullet.

Defell is scheduled to go before a judge on Monday.