MEMPHIS Tenn.– FedEx Freight said an unspecified number of employees will be temporarily furloughed beginning in early December.

Fox Business reported that the move comes as the company experiences lower-than-expected demand.

The Memphis-based company did not specify how many workers would be affected, or where, but said in a statement that some furloughed employees would be able to voluntarily transfer to markets where there is more need.

FedEx said the company would maintain benefits and financial incentives fo affected workers, and bring employees back as needed.

In a statement to FrieghtWaves, FedEx Freight spokesperson Miranda Yarbro added that the furloughs are voluntary, will affect a few drivers, and will not target all facilities.

The furloughs are expected to last around three months. Workers will be allowed to file for unemployment benefits during that time.

FedEx is a Fortune 100 company based in Memphis and is the largest private employer in the metro area. FedEx Freight was created in 2001 when Viking and American Freightways were combined to offer convenient shipping for goods, commodities or cargo weighing more than 150 pounds.